Minneapolis NRP Neighborhoods Conference
Saturday, May 17, 2003

“Good Neighbors Building Better Neighborhoods”

Track 2 Workshops: Citizen Engagement

Organizing Across Differences (Session I): Tired of seeing the same old people at all your meetings? This workshop will help you learn new models of organizing to involve new people in your organization. Presented by Juan Linares of Northwest Area Foundation.

Using Maps to Enhance Neighborhood Understanding- The Minneapolis Neighborhood Information System (Session II): Several Minneapolis neighborhoods are using computers to create their own maps. These maps have been used to demonstrate the impact of the city’s lot disposition policy, identify patterns or concentrations of ethnic groups within a neighborhood, and plan for future home improvement programs. Learn how neighborhoods are using MNIS to highlight and develop strategies to address neighborhood issues, and how your group can take advantage of this technology.

New Americans Panel (Session III): Minneapolis is home to many New Americans: immigrants from far away places such as Somalia, Vietnam, Central and South America. How can your neighborhood work with these growing and vital communities? This workshop will be a panel discussion with Suzi Kim of Whittier Alliance, Mohamud Noor of Hennepin County, Felino de la Pena of Whittier Alliance, Tom Tran of the Vietnamese American Association and Eileen Watson of FOLC in Cedar Riverside.