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NRP Unveils New Web site

The NRP is kicking off the new year with a dynamic new Web site that places a wealth of information and online resources directly at the fingertips of visitors.

Easily navigable, the site is equipped with powerful new tools that allow people to freely track the NRP activities going on in neighborhoods throughout the city.

In addition, visitors can now take a virtual multi-media tour of several projects that have resulted from the efforts of hard-working Minneapolis residents participating in the NRP.

More importantly, the site offers something for everyone with an interest in the NRP -- from the Minneapolis resident who wants to know precise details of NRP initiatives taking place in his/her neighborhood, to the many government employees from other cities throughout the world seeking ways to replicate the internationally recognized NRP in their municipalities.

The new NRP site is also interactive, giving visitors the ability to make their voices heard with regard to the things they feel are important. Visitors can spread the word about upcoming events in their neighborhoods by submitting details to the NRP through a simple online form.

That's not all. Visitors can watch video of Minneapolis residents describing how they used the NRP to address challenges in their neighborhoods or communities. The site is designed to allow people to share information with each other that is sure to make the NRP even more efficient in the future. It's all online, you're already here, so check it out now!



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