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Results from Internet Survey on Community and Economic Development Published

McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm, has been preparing a report on community and economic development in Minneapolis as a way of supporting the Mayor and City Council as they work to realign the City's development functions. As part of its report, McKinsey and Company conducted an internet survey to obtain input from Minneapolis residents, neighborhood leaders and business owners.

The internet survey was designed to supplement hundreds of city, community and business interviews and to help focus on issues which Minneapolis residents and other stakeholders believe need attention.

Three individual surveys designed for residents, neighborhood leaders, and business owners were created to collect information from constituencies affected by development. The survey was available online from February 10 through April 15. Respondents included: 767 Twin Cities residents, 123 neighborhood group leaders and 88 business owners.

Follow the link to view the internet survey results

McKinsey & Company has been working on its report for the City of Minneapolis pro bono.



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