NRP Policy Board Candidates at a Glance

Ron Ravensborg

Occupation: Investment Finance Broker
Address: 5348 10th Ave S (55417)
Neighborhood of Residence: Hale
Years in Neighborhood: 1.5 years
Years in Minneapolis: 16 years
Phone: 612-618-4946 (cell)

  1. How have your life experiences prepared you to be a neighborhood representative?
    I have lived and worked in Minneapolis for over 16 years, experiencing and welcoming the challenges our city has to offer. By trade I have worked as a home restorationist, and am acutely aware of the need to preserve and maintain quality housing for all of our residents. I also have long been an advocate for our insuring the vitality and diversity of all of our city's neighborhoods, including serving as a volunteer baseball coach for city youth. I possess an undergraduate degree from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (B.A., CLA) and have performed additional MBA coursework at the University of ST. Thomas. Finally, I have had the privilege of serving on the NRP Policy Board this past year as the At-Large Representative.

  2. What do you consider to be the strengths and weaknesses of the NRP?
    Without question, the major strength of the NRP is the ability for neighborhood residents to meet their own needs with innovative ideas and flexible plans; plans they can implement with real dollars. NRP's biggest weakness is our need to rely upon the annual city council and mayoral budgeting process for funding.

  3. How have you participated in your neighborhood organization and its NRP process?
    This past year I have worked hard while serving on the Policy Board as the At-Large Representative to prevent the NRP from being folded into CPED, the proposed reorganization of city departments that would change the NRP from an innovative, neighborhood-focused program into a nominally-funded advisory panel. Additionally, I have been a vocal proponent on the Policy Board of guaranteed - not conditional - funding for each neighborhood proposal the board approves. Currently, I am helping lead a drive to release two million in previously designated NRP dollars for the revitalization of neglected commercial corridors.

  4. How do you plan to maintain a relationship with the neighborhoods you would represent if elected?
    I plan to maintain relationships with neighborhoods through periodic letters and phone calls with the neighborhood NRP representatives. If the situations should warrant it, I shall do more.

  5. Name one thing you would like to work on if elected.
    I shall devote myself to insuring the survival of the NRP in its current form. After 10 years of hard-earned experience, innovation and cooperation, our neighborhood organizations cannot be allowed to be reduced to fighting each other over vastly reduced (and arbitrary) discretionary dollars.

  6. Why are you running for a neighborhood representative seat on the Policy Board?
    After one year of work on the NRP Policy Board as the At-Large Representative, I can see more clearly than ever that we need full, permanent funding for the NRP. This past year demonstrated that we cannot rely upon the political promises of our city leaders to guarantee the survival of one of the most successful neighborhood programs in our nation. I believe I can best accomplish that goal by returning to the Policy Board of a second term.

  7. Please list any community-based organizations with which you are currently involved.
    I am a member of the Twin Cities Bungalow Club, the Hennepin County Historical Society, and the HPDL neighborhood organization.

  8. Please list all current paid and unpaid affiliations.