NRP Policy Board Candidates at a Glance

Greg Bastien

Occupation: Teacher
Address: 2709 E. Minnehaha Pkwy (55417)
Neighborhood of Residence: Nokomis East
Years in Neighborhood: 17 years
Years in Minneapolis: 52 years
Phone: 612-722-758
E-Mail: None listed

  1. How have your life experiences prepared you to be a neighborhood representative?
    Prior to being a teacher I spent 25 years working with labor unions. The job entailed advocacy and reaching consensus. The neighborhoods of Minneapolis need advocacy and consensus builders within the changing organizational structures of the city.

  2. What do you consider to be the strengths and weaknesses of the NRP?
    The NRP is the only independent community based planning tool within the city structure. It is unique and has been recognized by the United Nations as an empowerment and change agent. The weakness of the NRP is that for many it is viewed as a temporary add-on to city development structures. The neighborhoods need to fully embrace their power by having a NRP.

  3. How have you participated in your neighborhood organization and its NRP process?
    I have participated over the last 8 years in the capacity of steering committee chair, vice-chair of the NENA Executive Board and board member. More importantly volunteering within the neighborhood has allowed me to participate with others in the development of projects that otherwise would never have come to fruition.

  4. How do you plan to maintain a relationship with the neighborhoods you would represent if elected?
    If elected I would reveal my e-mail address and send out a quarterly update. I would also visit random neighborhoods to view projects and meet with their boards.

  5. Name one thing you would like to work on if elected.
    Permanent dedicated funding for the NRP. An independent organization with dedicated funding is in the best interests of Minneapolis.

  6. Why are you running for a neighborhood representative seat on the Policy Board?
    I think I have gathered enough information and experience to represent the neighborhoods on the Policy Board. Neighborhoods need advocacy now to get the message out that the broader the base of support the greater the power to affect positive change within Minneapolis.

  7. Please list any community-based organizations with which you are currently involved.
    I play violin in community based orchestras and have participated in community theater in Minneapolis.

  8. Please list all current paid and unpaid affiliations.
    I have been or am a member of the Sierra Club, MPR, Kenwood Chamber Orchestra, TCC Orchestra, Greenpeace, Green Party, NROC, Nature Conservance, Southern Poverty Law Center, WAMM, etc.