No Decision Made on Long-Term Funding of NRP

One of the more common questions being asked by Minneapolis residents these days is how the NRP will be funded in the future. There is no simple answer to this question.

City leaders have been making difficult budget decisions that address a projected $55 million budget deficit over the next five years in a way that also reflects the priorities of Minneapolis residents.

On January 31, the Minneapolis City Council approved a Five-Year Financial Direction for the city. This financial direction provides city departments with a clear picture of the level of financial resources that will be available over the next five years. The Five-Year Financial Direction includes $33 million annually for community development. This is the resource from which NRP funds would be drawn. Deciding how these resources will be allocated will be one of the decisions the City Council and mayor will have to address soon. For more information about the Five-Year Financial Direction, please visit the City of Minneapolis Web site at http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/financial-forecast/.

The NRP was created in 1990 by city officials and community leaders as a response to growing concerns about the declining condition of Minneapolis neighborhoods. The program was originally established as a 20 year, $20 million a year program. Legislative reform of the tax system in 2001 dramatically reduced the funding source that has historically supported the NRP.



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