NRP Policy Board Candidates at a Glance

Dolores (Dee) Cotten

Occupation: Office manager
Address: 115 Second Ave. S. #615 (55401)
Neighborhood of Residence: Downtown East
Years in Neighborhood: 11 years
Years in Minneapolis: 67 years
Phone: 612-376-7584

  1. How have your life experiences prepared you to be a neighborhood representative?
    I have been on the Downtown Mpls. Residents Assn., which it was first named when it started. Now it is called the Downtown Mpls. Neighborhood Assn. I have been there almost 8 years.

  2. What do you consider to be the strengths and weaknesses of the NRP?
    It is good for all neighborhoods because you have to abide by rules & regulations, which is good for all organizations. Helps all neighborhoods. I consider it to be strong in all areas of NRP. I don't believe there are any weaknesses.

  3. How have you participated in your neighborhood organization and its NRP process?
    We started with Kiosks in downtown. I also have been busy each year with National Night Out since 1995. For a number of years I did it all by myself and usually we have the biggest turn out this year 2003 we had a 1,000 people.

  4. How do you plan to maintain a relationship with the neighborhoods you would represent if elected?
    We only have Downtown East and West because North Loop has its own neighborhood assn. Some of the people on the Downtown board are from both East & West and I have also gone to meetings at North Loop.

  5. Name one thing you would like to work on if elected.
    To get more housing that is affordable in all neighborhoods, so we would have less homelessness for children and families & single adults.

  6. Why are you running for a neighborhood representative seat on the Policy Board?
    Because I have interested in NRP all my life no matter what part of the city I lived in.

  7. Please list any community-based organizations with which you are currently involved.
    All unpaid:
    • Downtown Mpls. Neighborhood Association
    • Restorative Justice
    • Housing for Senior Federation
    • Senior Citizens Advisory Committee to the Mayor
    • Mpls. Housing Trust Fund
    • Rivergate Tenants Association
    • Also was on CCHT for seven years.

  8. Please list all current paid and unpaid affiliations.
    Office Manager of Micah.
    Worked 2 nights at the State Fair for Senior Federation