NRP Policy Board Candidates at a Glance

Carol Ann Pass

Occupation: Former College Teacher
Address: 2536 18th Ave. S. (55404)
Neighborhood of Residence: East Phillips
Years in Neighborhood: 30 years
Years in Minneapolis: 35 years
Phone: 612-721-4509

  1. How have your life experiences prepared you to be a neighborhood representative?
    I have lived and raised my two sons in Phillips for my entire professional life as a teacher in area colleges where I taught a wide variety of courses, but primarily social ethics. Gratifyingly, several former students have joined me to live and work here. I served on the housing board of People of Phillips and was one of the founders of East Phillips Improvement Coalition, which took its place. As housing co-chair, I raised the first money for housing in East Phillips by seeking subsidy from area business, going on to help produce subsidy for 24 new homes, chairing the East Phillips Commons Project committee which is redeveloping 36 units of housing near the Bloom/Lake intersection, serving on the Village In Phillips project board, creating over 50 housing units. I helped found the Bloomington Avenue Patrol to protect school kids waiting for the buses from drug selling and prostitution. I believe these areas of service have skilled me up for the job as well as my previous two years as NRP Redirection Rep.

  2. What do you consider to be the strengths and weaknesses of the NRP?
    The strength of NRP is the enfranchisement of the most local voices of the city. The power to implement right where you live is what draws participation and not the other way around. Most people don't go to meetings just to talk. They want to do something. And the people nearest the situation often know best what is needed and should have the capital to accomplish these things. If there is a weakness it is that greater information regarding what can be done, what is possible, and how to do it could be available. This aspect of NRP could be streamlined and more readily available. Also information regarding trouble spots in neighborhoods and how to effectively deal with them could be more readily available.

  3. How have you participated in your neighborhood organization and its NRP process?
    I served on the housing board of People of Phillips and struggled with many of the problems that brought about its demise, learning much about what should not happen in the process. I was one of the founders of East Phillips Improvement Coalition (EPIC), which took its place, helping to write its bylaws and recently its 501.C.3 application, serving as treasurer for four years, helping its plan modifications meet its new role and vision. I have liaisoned NRP policy board information to assist this process, and helped form block clubs to bring information and decision-making even closer to residents.

  4. How do you plan to maintain a relationship with the neighborhoods you would represent if elected?
    This year as Redirection Policy Board Representative I tried to be at all the Mayor's information and fact finding meetings in the areas I represent as well as in those areas where the needs of the inner core neighborhoods tend to be least well understood, to clarify those needs. I met with and spoke to many of the leaders of the Redirection neighborhoods and went to a variety of community meetings to listen to concerns in as many of the neighborhoods as I could manage. I would hope to do more of the same and to ask for space at community meetings to offer information regarding future funding and other issues and to listen.

  5. Name one thing you would like to work on if elected.
    I would like to streamline information guidelines coming from NRP to the neighborhoods. I believe some of this could be simplified and also that a lot of good answers to questions just aren't available, information regarding what neighborhoods can do, where to go for help and inspiration both within and beyond the NRP Office. Also regarding information, I would like to assist in a greater cross-fertilization of the inner core neighborhoods. We need to be talking to each other, collaborating, and sharing what we've learned are answers to our similar problems. We also could be more supportive of one another's agendas. This task is especially suited to the NRP Redirection Representative.

  6. Why are you running for a neighborhood representative seat on the Policy Board?
    This year has been a demanding year as an NRP Policy Board Representative. It has involved, for me and some others, sometimes five to six tough meetings a month plus studying budget and legal details as we worked hard to save funding for the neighborhoods. These meetings were often 3 even 4 hours long, but I am convinced that had some of us not put forth a major effort, things would look very different now and I am satisfied that we got the results we did. This demanded knowledge and a lot of commitment. Commitment is essential in the present tough time. We need someone who will do this. I know I will and have learned enough to be effective for our people. I am convinced that a one or even two-year term is a waste of resources. This is why I want to do this.

  7. Please list any community-based organizations with which you are currently involved.
    • East Phillips Improvement Coalition, Treasurer
    • East Phillips Commons Project Committee
    • Village in Phillips Project Committee
    • Phillips Cedar Corridor Block Club
    • Bloomington Avenue Citizens' Patrol
    • The Block Club Network (crime committee)
    • Bloomington/Cedar/Lake Commercial Association
    • High Lake Project Review Committee

  8. Please list all current paid and unpaid affiliations.
    Same as above.