NRP Policy Board Adopts Final Criteria for Community Oriented Policing Services Fund

On February 23, the NRP Policy Board unanimously adopted final criteria to be used to assess applications submitted by neighborhood organizations for funds from the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Reserve Fund. The $1 million set aside by the board in August for this fund is being deducted from the funds available to all neighborhoods in Phase II.

In its action, the board responded to a neighborhood suggestion that the eligibility and evaluation criteria be included in the same document. The board adopted criteria that all applications must meet to be eligible to apply for support from the fund and criteria that will be used to select the proposals that will be funded.

The adopted criteria make it clear that neighborhood organizations, and not Minneapolis Police Department precincts, must submit the proposals for dollars from this fund, that expenditures must be for police hours at a straight time rate (without fringe benefits or other overhead costs) and that the proposal must be covered by a strategy in a neighborhood action plan or that will be in the neighborhood's Phase II plan. The amount available to a single neighborhood will be limited to $100,000 or less. Two neighborhoods that apply together could receive a maximum of $200,000 and collaborations of three or more neighborhoods will be limited to a maximum of $250,000.

Proposals are due in the NRP Office no later than April 1.

Submitted proposals may be fully or partially funded or not at all. The Selection Criteria emphasize the type of crimes being addressed and the extent to which neighborhood participation and priority setting are integral parts of the proposal.

Download the criteria for reviewing and awarding Community Oriented Public Safety Initiatives Reserve Fund



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