Planning Commission to Review Zoning Code Text Amendments

December 7, 2005 - There are two pending amendments being considered at the Planning Commission on 12/20/05 - comprehensive revisions to conditional and permitted uses, and R2B district lot area requirements.


The CPED Planning Division administers, interprets and enforces the Minneapolis Zoning Code. The purpose of the Code, in part, as stated in Chapter 520.30 is to protect the public health, safety, aesthetics, economic viability and general welfare of the city; to protect the character and stability of residential, commercial and industrial areas within the city; and to promote the orderly and beneficial development of those areas.
A comprehensive revision to the zoning code was adopted by the City Council in 1999. Ongoing revisions are recommended and adopted for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to, the need to respond to state law changes and comply with other public agency requirements (MAC, DNR, FEMA); to ensure consistency with adopted plans; to respond to changing market conditions and development patterns where appropriate; to respond to changing policy direction; and to simplify and streamline where possible.

The Zoning Code is formally amended when the Council and Mayor approve individual rezoning applications, approve changes as part of a rezoning study and/or approve zoning code text and map amendments. There are a number of proposed zoning code text amendments pending staff analysis and recommendation. The proposed amendments vary in scope and complexity. Once the zoning code amendment subject matter has been introduced by the City Council and referred to the Planning Division, staff work includes research and analysis related to legal authority, best practices, alternatives, and possible impacts on other parts of the code (with the goal of trying to avoid unintended consequences). The staff recommendation is presented to the Planning Commission which holds a public hearing (neighborhood organizations are provided a 21-day public hearing notice). The Planning Commission makes a recommendation to the City Council and Mayor via the Zoning and Planning Committee.

Current Activity and Work Plan

Below are links to the staff reports, an inventory of proposed zoning code text amendments, and a map related for these amendments:

Zoning Code Text Amendment - all districts

Zoning Code Text Amendment - R2B district

Inventory of Proposed Amendments

Related Map

If you have questions about the reports, please contact the planner listed on the cover of the staff report. If you would like to comment on them for the public record, you may send written comments to the planner prior to the public hearing, or testify at the public hearing.

If you want more information about the City's land use policies, regulations and process, here is a link to the Guide to Land Use in Minneapolis from the Planning web site:

Guide to Land Use in Minneapolis



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