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As the NRP begins Phase II, lessons from our first ten years are driving innovations that will help us better manage our work. One such innovation, PlanNet, will enable neighborhoods to systematically share a wealth of information about their plans and projects. It will also allow the NRP main office to better coordinate and track the volume of neighborhood improvement activities underway.

Since the NRP began a decade ago, the number of plans approved and projects begun has grown dramatically. At the end of 1993, 4 plans totaling $20 million had been approved and only a handful of projects were underway. By the end of 2000, the volume has climbed to 61 approved plans totaling $176.2 million, and over 1,400 projects either completed or underway. What's more, as neighborhood expertise has grown, these projects have expanded to include an increasingly diverse array of activities.

In the NRP's early days, a quick phone call or two was all that was needed to gather information about the status of an NRP plan. Now, given the level of activity occurring in neighborhoods, the number of new volunteers and staff becoming involved in the program, and the accumulation of historical information about completed projects, it has become necessary to share, store and retrieve information in a much more systematic and efficient way.
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PlanNet has been designed to do just that.

Through nearly a dozen inter-connected databases, PlanNet catalogues all NRP plan strategies approved to date, tracks each contract put in place to expend NRP funds, and provides updates on each project that has resulted from NRP plans. With 3,300 plan strategies, 1,000 contracts and 1,400 projects in place, this is no small order.

Therefore, PlanNet has also been designed as an intranet - capable of being maintained and accessed through the World Wide Web by a wide range of NRP users. Residents and staff alike will be called upon to contribute information about their plans and implementation efforts. In exchange, they will have timely, convenient access to a multitude of reports and data about their NRP plan as well as all other neighborhood NRP plans throughout Minneapolis.

Ultimately, PlanNet will help us improve the way we carry out our neighborhood improvement efforts and compile the collective story of the NRP.

If you would like more information on PlanNet, please contact Stacy Sorenson at or 612-673-5146, or Jack Whitehurst at or 612-673-5143.


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