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NRP-TV / Minneapolis Neighborhood News Tapes (1992-1995)

(Label numbers refer to labeling at the NRP Office Video Library)

M123. Minneapolis Neighborhood News #1, 2 and 3 *
Issue number one includes stories on the dedication of streetscaping in the Elliot Park Neighborhood, the NRP Neighborhood representative elections of 1992, brief looks into the NRP processes in Near North-Willard-Hay and Stevens Square, and the dedication of the Neighborhood Safe Art Spot in Phillips. Issue number two includes the opening of the police sub station in the Jordan Neighborhood, a groundbreaking for a new commercial and residential building in Central, the dedication of a new community

center at Peavey Park in the Phillips Neighborhood, and more. Issue number three includes reports on a citywide gathering of residents involved in the Community and Resource Exchange (C.A.R.E.) program, a look at the Stevens Square NRP Plan, as well as other community news and information.
Length: approximately 27 minutes each. Dec. 1992 and Jan. & March 1993.

M456. Minneapolis Neighborhood News #4, 5 and 6 *
Issue number four includes the Bancroft neighborhood United Cultures celebration, a tribute to a longtime community organizer in the Jordan neighborhood, a salute to volunteers in the CARE program, and other information. In issue number five, community members plant trees in the Whittier and Hawthorne neighborhoods, kick off the NRP process in Marcy-Holmes, host a congress of social service providers in Phillips, and hold a block party in Lyndale. Episode six includes reports on a tire pickup in Bottineau, a Paint-a-thon in Jordan, an NRP kickoff in Powderhorn Park, an ice cream social in the Victory neighborhood, and the opening of a new tot lot in Armatage.
Length: approximately 27 minutes each. May, July & Sept. 1993.

M789. Minneapolis Neighborhood News #7, 8 and 9 *
Issue number seven includes the Hale Page Diamond Lake Neighborhood Picnic in the Park, where a draft of the neighborhood's NRP Action Plan was endorsed; a citywide Rental Property Owner's Meeting; an NRP Bicycle Planning Meeting which drew participants from all over the city; and the Harrison Neighborhood Fall Festival, the theme of which was "A Celebration of Diversity." Issue number eight includes excerpts from a south Minneapolis joint neighborhood planning meeting; the grand opening of the police substation in the Lyndale neighborhood; the Cleveland Neighborhood Association annual meeting, which included an NRP brainstorming exercise; the grand opening of the Brian Coyle Community Center on the West Bank; the Prospect Park Neighborhood NRP Kickoff; and a community cleanup of the 29th Street rail corridor in south Minneapolis. Issue number nine includes a tour of south Minneapolis neighborhood groups by leaders of the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod; the Bancroft Neighborhood Annual Meeting and review of their draft NRP plan; NRP Kickoff events in the Seward Neighborhood and Longfellow Community; and a Lake Street Planning Meeting organized by residents of several south Minneapolis Neighborhood Groups.
Length: approximately 27 minutes each. Oct. & Dec. 1993 & Jan. 1994.

M10-. Minneapolis Neighborhood News #10, 11 and 12 *
Issue number ten includes the Bryant neighborhood NRP Plan review meeting; a report on the problem property renewal effort undertaken by Northside Neighborhood Housing Services in the Near North, Willard-Hay and Hawthorne neighborhoods; the Southside Prostitution Task Force Lake Street sauna protests; a citywide meeting on crime and housing issues organized by the Whittier neighborhood CARE Committee; and an introduction to the NRP First Step program. Issue number eleven includes excerpts from a Lyndale neighborhood First Step Kickoff, at which residents received home fix-up money; highlights from the Northeast Business Assistance Forum; a Lyndale Rental Property Owner's Group meeting that brought in attendees from all over the city; and the Phillips neighborhood Unity in the Community march and vigil. Issue number twelve includes stories on tree planting efforts in the Northeast Park, Beltrami, Marcy-Holmes, Como and Whittier neighborhoods; a visit to a new child care alternative in the Hawthorne neighborhood, the Science House; and a Unity Celebration for students from the Wilder and Green schools in south Minneapolis.
Length: approximately 28 minutes each. Feb., April & June 1994.

M13-. Minneapolis Neighborhood News #13, 14 and 15 *
Issue number thirteen includes "C.A.R.E. in the Fifth Avenues," a look at the work of the Community and Resource Exchange program in one Minneapolis Public Housing hi rise building, as well as stories on the opening of a new tot lot in Linden Hills, a review of the Seward Neighborhood NRP Action Plan, and a citywide meeting of rental property owners. Issue number fourteen includes "Autumn in Central," a piece on NRP organizing and other community building in the Central Neighborhood, as well as highlights from the Powderhorn Park neighborhood housing fair and the Phillips Gateway project open house. Issue number twelve includes stories on Bancroft neighborhood's first ever Autumn festival, the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Harriet Tubman Center in Lyndale, a Bryn Mawr neighborhood NRP visioning meeting, and a weeding and cleanup effort that brought residents, students, and business and government representatives together in North East Minneapolis.
Length: approximately 28 minutes each. Aug., Oct. & Nov. 1994.

M16-. Minneapolis Neighborhood News #16, 17 and 18 *
Issue number sixteen includes the Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Steering Committee Elections, a review of the draft neighborhood Action Plan in St. Anthony West and an extended look at recent work on park areas in the neighborhoods in the north west corner of Minneapolis. Number seventeen features a report on Steering Committee elections in the Kenny neighborhood, neighborhood review of Early Access proposals in the Central neighborhood, a visioning meeting in the Camden neighborhood, a neighborhood-wide session to prioritize NRP Objectives in Prospect Park, and a Housing Fair in Marcy-Holmes. Issue number eighteen features scenes from the grand opening of the North Star School Health Clinic, an Audubon Park First Step prioritizing meeting, survey distribution in the Fulton neighborhood, and a report on the NRP Housing Connections program.
Length: approximately 28 minutes each. Dec. 1994, & Feb. & April 1995.

M19-. Minneapolis Neighborhood News #19, 20 and 21 *
Issue number nineteen focuses on how neighborhoods are addressing housing issues through the NRP process. It includes scenes from the Southside and North East Housing Fairs, a Cleveland Neighborhood Housing Forum, and reports on the Two or More YouthBuild program, the Jordan CARE Housing Committee and the 1995 Home Tour. Number twenty illustrates the steps in the NRP process with examples from several neighborhoods working through it. Included is work on the Windom Park NRP Participation Agreement, the Kenwood NRP Steering Committee Elections, a Standish-Ericsson Town Meeting, Focus Groups in Kenny, NRP plan review in Central and approval in Lyndale, and looks at finished projects in the Prospect Park-East River Road neighborhood. Issue number twenty-one features scenes from the Folwell Steering Committee elections, East Calhoun NRP Kickoff, Wedge neighborhood task force startup meeting, Webber-Camden discussion of housing and crime and safety, the Linden Hills Festival, a picnic in Audubon Park, the Phillips Unity Pow Wow, the Powderhorn Park Community Play, a cleanup at the 4th and Lake intersection by children in the "Walkabout" program, and a look at the Peace Village program in the Seward neighborhood.
Length: approximately 28 minutes each. May, July, August 1995.

M22-. Minneapolis Neighborhood News #22, 23 and 24 *
Issue number twenty-two features reports on the Citizen Inspector program, National Night Out 1995, and corridor planning projects along East Lake Street, Nicollet Ave, Hennepin Ave, Central Ave, and West Broadway. Number twenty-three begins with the question "What does 'planning' mean?" and includes reports on the Minneapolis Plan Kick-off, a design charrette for the Chicago-Lake Sears site, the Kenny Neighborhood Festival, NRP plan reviews in the Fulton and Standish-Ericsson neighborhoods, the Welcome Neighbor event in Field Regina Northrop, the Central Neighborhood Improvement Association Annual Meeting, approval of the Phillips Plan by the NRP Policy Board, the Cedar Isles Dean Fall Festival, dedication of a redesigned Holmes Park, housing rehab lottery in Powderhorn Park, and the Jordan Home Tour. Issue number twenty-four, entitled "The NRP Plan," looks at the Longfellow NRP Action Plan, a design workshop in Bryn Mawr, the dedication of the Phillips Neighborhood Gateway Project, the Bottineau Neighborhood Housing Improvement program, a housing meeting in Jordan, and the return of the Bookmobile in Whittier.
Length: approximately 29 minutes each. September, October, December 1995.

* Available at all Minneapolis public library branches.

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