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NRP-TV / Minneapolis Neighborhood News Tapes (1998 - 1999)

Scene from episode #41

Scene from episode #41

Scene from episode #44

Scene from episode #48

Minneapolis Neighborhood News #40
This episode is titled "Blocks and Bridges" and features reports on a number of houses rehabilitated in the Central Neighborhood by Southside Neighborhood Housing Services. Also featured are segments on the Green Institute Annual Meeting, the Marcy-Holmes quilt project, an East Harriet Farmstead neighborhood transit study, and the dedication of a bridge on 4th Ave. South, near Lake Street. Length: 27:39. January 1998.

Minneapolis Neighborhood News #41
"Plans and Projects" is the title of this episode which features segments on the Logan Park full NRP plan Town Meeting, the Logan Park Arts Committee's work on a presentation of the "Little Match Girl," and NRP Town Meetings in the Standish-Ericsson and Beltrami Neighborhoods. The show also features the Linden Hills full NRP plan approval meeting, the Hosmer Library Technology Center, Powderhorn Park home fix-up funds lottery, the Southside Housing and Home Improvement Fair, the Hale Page Diamond Lake Walk Patrol, and the Yellow Bike program at the Reuse Center. Length: 28:05. March 1998

Minneapolis Neighborhood News #42
This is the first episode produced by Karen Haselmann and features tours of the upcoming Great Lakes Center (Sears building) at Chicago and Lake and the Midtown Greenway, and a visit to a community garden at I-94 and Dowling Ave. North. Length:28:07. September 1998

Minneapolis Neighborhood News #43
Karen Haselmann's second episode features segments on the renovation of Loring Park, the Art Plaza at Intermedia Arts, and Intermedia Arts' Art on Wheels Parade. Length: 28:14. October 1998.

Minneapolis Neighborhood News #44
The renovation of the Pratt Community Center and the celebration of its 100th birthday is featured on this episode. Also included is a segment on a Shadow Puppet play presented by the Lyndale Neighborhood Association. Length: 28:44. December 1998

Minneapolis Neighborhood News #45
The construction and grand opening of a new home for the Jungle Theatre at Lake and Lyndale, a project supported by NRP investment from four neighborhoods, is the subject of this episode. Length: 27:00. February 1999.

Minneapolis Neighborhood News #46
Segments on the Southside House and Home Improvement Fair, the rehabilitation of a house in the Bottineau Neighborhood by Project for Pride in Living, Franklin Art Works and a Teen Job Fair at South High are included in this episode. Length: 27:24. April 1999.

Minneapolis Neighborhood News #47
Homes in the Saint Anthony West, Marcy-Holmes and Seward neighborhood are featured in a segment on the Minneapolis Home Tour. This episode also features a segment about a tree planting activity at Lake Nokomis. Length: 27:00. June 1999.

Minneapolis Neighborhood News #48
This includes segments on the rehabilitation of Bracket Park, the mounted patrol in Loring Park, and the grand opening of the Windom Community Center in south Minneapolis. Length: 25:46. September 1999.

Minneapolis Neighborhood News #49
This show features a look back at a number of NRP projects of the last year. It also includes a piece on Seward Neighborhood's NRP housing program. Length: 27:00. December 1999.

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