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NRP-TV / Minneapolis Neighborhood News (2004)

Scene from episode #85

Minneapolis Neighborhood News #82
This program is titled, "Environment," and looks at several environment-related NRP projects. Included are segments on native planting projects along the Mississippi River in the Longfellow Community, and along Ryan Lake in the Victory Neighborhood of North Minneapolis. The program also looks at the Rain Garden Program in the Fulton neighborhood and at a multi-neighborhood effort to change the air over Minneapolis by convincing Excel Energy to convert the Riverside power plant's fuel from coal to natural gas. Length: 28:30. November 2004.

Minneapolis Neighborhood News #81
This show collects a variety of community festivals from the summer of 2004. The Marcy Holmes neighborhood celebrates a new gateway art project in one segment. In another, the Northside Artists Collective organizes North Minneapolis artists with its Spring Art Fair. The Elliot Park Neighborhood gathers together its diverse residents in its annual All People's Festival, featured in a segment, and the Southeast Como neighborhood builds community at the Como Cookout, also included. Length: 28:30. October 2004.

Minneapolis Neighborhood News #80
This episode begins with a look at the Home Tour host appreciation event for the 2004 Minneapolis & Saint Paul Home Tour. Next we visit six homes from the tour. The last segment is about the grand opening event at East Phillips Commons, a project funded in part through the NRP Affordable Housing Reserve Fund. Length: 28:30. July 2004. (See online RealPlayer Clip - Choose Hi or Low Res).

Minneapolis Neighborhood News #79
A great variety of NRP projects are featured in this episode. With the "Getting to the Bottom of the Ballot" initiative, three south Minneapolis neighborhoods organize a series of educational workshops. Many northeast neighborhoods contributed NRP funds to the Eastside Coop, the grand opening of which is visited. The South Minneapolis Housing and Home Improvement Fair is another multi-neighborhood collaboration, and featured in this edition. The grand opening of the Lamoreaux building is an affordable housing project featured. The last two segments feature a Nicollet Avenue traffic study, and the Prospect Park history project. Length: 28:40. May 2004. (See online RealPlayer Clip - Choose Hi or Low Res).

Minneapolis Neighborhood News #78
This is the preview show for the 2004 Minneapolis and Saint Paul Home Tour. People from both cities open their homes to allow visitors a first hand look at city living. This program features eight visits into new and older homes, and features renovation projects and new architecture. Find out why people love their homes so much, and find out how you can see them for yourselves at the annual Home Tour. Length: 28:30. April 2004. (See online RealPlayer Clip - Choose Hi or Low Res).

Minneapolis Neighborhood News #77
The Neighborhood Revitalization Program's Affordable Housing Reserve Fund is the subject of a two-part Neighborhood News series. In part two, we feature the Monroe Village project for Senior Housing on Central Avenue in the Holland Neighborhood, 92 units of rehabilitated housing in Olson Village in the Harrison Neighborhood and downtown's Lamoreaux Building, a project of the Central Community Housing Trust that added a three-story addition on top of an existing three-story building. Length: 28:30. February 2004. (See online RealPlayer Clip - Choose Hi or Low Res).

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