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NRP-TV / Minneapolis Neighborhood News (2005)

Scene from episode #85

Scene from episode #83

Minneapolis Neighborhood News #86
First, we visit three homes featured in the Minneapolis Saint Paul Home Tour, which is organized by the Minneapolis NRP. The second segment is about the groundbreaking ceremony for the Ripley Gardens housing project in the Harrison Neighborhood. This project is converting a historic maternity hospital into housing. The final segment looks at the Kingfield Neighborhood Fall Festival. Some highlights of the festival were a neighborhood fundraiser and a design survey. Length: 28:30. September 2005.

Minneapolis Neighborhood News #85
In this episode, visit a recently rehabilitated home in North Minneapolis that was returned to the family that owned it years ago. Also visit a Hmong Cultural Fair put on by a collaboration between three neighborhood associations and the Southeast Asian Community Council. Then drop by the newly rehabilitated Franklin Community Library and the terrific celebration that welcomed the community back into this beautiful space. Length: 28:22. June 2005.

Minneapolis Neighborhood News #84
This is the annual Minneapolis and Saint Paul Home Tour Preview Show. Visit five houses on this year's tour and find out what these homeowners did to make their homes more useful and inviting. The Home Tour is organized by the NRP, with the assistance of many volunteers and volunteer home tour hosts. Length: 28:30. April 2005.

Minneapolis Neighborhood News #83
This show features two segments on community building activities and a segment on a housing project. In the McKinley Neighborhood, a NRP youth program develops a community garden that is dedicated to peace in the memory of Sheila Wellstone. In East Phillips, the Franklin Station homes open. They are affordable housing made affordable through NRP resources, and also through proximity to transit. And the Phillips West Neighborhood gets together for their 8th Annual Winter Social, a community festival that has turned into a tradition. Length: 27:20. February 2005.

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