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NRP-TV / Minneapolis Neighborhood News (2006)

Scene from episode #90

Scene from episode #89

Minneapolis Neighborhood News #92
"Safety" is the subject of this episode. We go on a walk with the Steven Square Block Patrol, which has been building community while preserving neighborhood safety for fifteeen years. We also visit the Franklin Safety Center in the Ventura Village Neighborhood, and find about how they have improved safety with the Courtwatch program. We also visit the Phillips Clean Sweep, a community building event organized by the Weed and Seed program. Length: 27:00. November 2006.

Minneapolis Neighborhood News #91
In this episode, you will tour several community gardens that used NRP resources or build community in many ways. These gardens were part of the Parade of Community Gardens organized by GardenWorks. The second segment is a visit to 3310 Nicollet, a new building on a major transit corridor that features affordable housing through the NRP and the City of Lakes Community Land Trust. Length: 28:30. September 2006.

Minneapolis Neighborhood News #90
This is an all-arts episode that features an extended segment on the transformation of the Ritz Theater into a new home for the Ballet of the Dolls dance company. This rehabilitation of a long-abandonned theater was made possible in part through the NRP contributions of the Sheridan and Holland Neighborhoods. The show also features a segment on the Northside Arts Collective's Spring Art Party, an event that builds community through the arts. Length: 28:30. August 2006.

Minneapolis Neighborhood News #89
In this episode we visit four of the homes featured on this year's Minneapolis St. Paul Home Tour. All of these homes used NRP resources to fix them up or construct them. The show also includes a segment on a series of forums that Third Ward City Council Member Diane Hofstede held using the NRP model to develop an agenda for the ward. It ends on a segment about the Annual Meeting of the Nokomis East Neighborhood Association. Length: 28:30. June 2006.

Minneapolis Neighborhood News #88
This episode starts out with a look at the Bill and Bonnie Daniels Firefighters Hall and Museum. This Museum was established with help from the Holland Neighborhood, which contributed NRP funds for a facade for the building. The second segment looks at Plaza Verde at Lake and Bloomington Ave. This development was re-dedicated to honor Mexican President Benito Juarez. The final segment looks at a Town Meeting in the Longfellow Community in which residents gave input on a development proposed for along the Hiawatha Line. Length: 28:30. May 2006.

Minneapolis Neighborhood News #87
This is the preview show for the 2006 Minneapolis and Saint Paul Home Tour. Visit five homes on the tour and find out about this self-guided celebration of city living that is organized by the NRP. Length: 28:30. April 2006.

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