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In June 2000, a research study evaluating the NRP's first decade was published by San Francisco-based research consultant Teamworks. The study was commissioned by the NRP Policy Board in order to assess the NRP's ability to fulfill its founding goals of building neighborhood capacity, creating a sense of community, enhancing inter-governmental cooperation, and informing government policy by voicing neighborhood priorities.

As part of the study, Teamworks surveyed residents in 1,100 Minneapolis homes about the neighborhoods in which they live. Residents were asked a wide range of questions from their personal assessment of neighborhood livability to the extent of their participation in the NRP.

Follow the links below to view the full report, the executive summary, and all of the appendices. You will need a copy of Acrobat Reader to view these documents. A limited number of bound copies of the report are also available for a fee. If you would like to purchase one of these reports, please call Mr. Carsten Slostad at 612-673-5150.

Full Report
Teamworks NRP Evaluation 2000
192 pages, 1.1MB
Executive Summary
Evaluation Highlights
61 pages, 344K

Appendix A: The NRP Primer
Evaluation Reference Appendix A
4 pages, 100K

Appendix B: Minneapolis Neighborhood Survey
Evaluation Survey
25 pages, 212K

Appendix C: Key Sources
Evaluation Key Informats
5 pages, 12K

Appendix D: About the Researchers
Evaluation Team Member Biographies
2 pages, 80K


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