Minneapolis NRP Neighborhoods Conference
Saturday, May 17, 2003

“Good Neighbors Building Better Neighborhoods”

Track 1 Workshops: Better Organizations

Organization Building (Session I): How do you energize and motivate people to take action and get involved? Learn proven and effective organizing strategies that will help build and improve your volunteer and donor base, and build new leaders for your organization. Presented by Jay Clark, Val Barnes and Robert Thompson.

Get The Most From Your Board, Volunteers And Staff (Session II): The most valuable asset of any organization is its people. With scarce resources growing scarcer, it is even more vital for neighborhoods to get the most from volunteers and paid staff. Learn about how to delegate responsibility and assign tasks to get the most from your most important resource! This workshop will be presented by Jennifer Valley of Americorp, Doug Kress, recent Executive Director of Stevens Square Community Organization, and Cara Letofsky of Lyndale Neighborhood Association.

Partnering For The Future (Session III): Sooner or later, most neighborhoods will need to enlist the help of another organization. Still, working together is rarely easy, and philosophical and organizational differences can threaten collaborative efforts. In this workshop, Barb Lickness and Rita Ulrich will lead a discussion on sustaining successful partnerships.