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Minneapolis Residents Give the NRP High Marks for Third Time in Three Years

For the third time in less than three years, Minneapolis residents responding to a random survey gave the NRP high marks for the positive impact the program has had on their neighborhoods. The most recent phone poll of 1,210 randomly sampled residents was conducted between Nov. 11 and Jan. 4 and was part of a broader survey aimed at measuring citizen satisfaction with city services and perceptions about key quality of life indicators.

The survey revealed that 59 percent of the residents surveyed were familiar with the NRP. Of those, 59 percent said the NRP had a 'very positive' or 'positive' impact on their neighborhoods. 65 percent of those familiar with the NRP also said they 'agreed' or 'strongly agreed' with the statement "Because of the NRP, city residents have more influence on how important issues are addressed, public services delivered and public funds used." Follow the link to download a copy of the entire 111-page survey.

The results support an earlier Star Tribune Minnesota Poll of voters likely to vote in the 2001 mayoral election. That poll, taken when the NRP's financial future was in doubt, found that an overwhelming 77 percent of those surveyed said the NRP should be continued. In August 1999, San Francisco-based research consultant Teamworks found that 66 percent of the adults living in Minneapolis reported that they had heard of the NRP. The Teamworks report, published in June 2000, also found that the NRP made a significant difference in increasing the number of repairs and improvements in the Minneapolis housing stock.



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