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This report was compiled to analyze the impacts of Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) funds which provided loans and grants to homeowners for home improvements. This was the largest single use of Phase 1 NRP funds.

Over $28 million of the $102 million (27.4%) spent on neighborhood NRP plan allocations through September 2000 was spent on housing loan and grant programs. While this is not the total of NRP funds dedicated to housing, it is the major component of NRP housing expenditures.

Of the 64 neighborhoods contracting with NRP, 57 had some type of loan or grant program. While the individual loans and grants were small (averaging 5,010 NRP dollars per property1), the impacts go far beyond the actual improvements made to the estimated 6,4002 recipient properties.

Each NRP dollar was matched by $1.20 of additional investment3 by loan/grant recipients resulting in over $61 million being spent on home improvements. There is strong evidence that these home improvement programs gave non-recipients incentives to make their own home improvements because of the trend set by NRP loan/grant recipients.

An extensive random sampling of loan and grant recipients was surveyed to determine how receiving NRP loan/grant funds affected their investments in, and feelings about, their home, neighborhood, and city. Their survey responses were compared, when possible, to responses by non-recipient Minneapolis residents.

500 recipients, 7.8% of the total loan and grant recipient pool, were randomly selected to participate in the survey. Their perceptions, together with other relevant data, paint a very positive picture of how NRP home improvement funds have created a better future for Minneapolis neighborhoods.

The survey results support the following conclusions:
  1. NRP loan and grant home improvement programs stimulated significant investment in Minneapolis residential properties.

  2. NRP loan and grant home improvement programs helped foster stability in neighborhoods.

  3. NRP loan and grant home improvement programs improved the appearance and livability of Minneapolis neighborhoods.

  4. NRP loan and grant recipients were more involved in their neighborhood and felt that their neighborhood was a high priority with the City government.

  5. Grants made greater positive impacts on recipients' willingness to invest and their feelings about their neighborhood than did loans.

1 Based on information available about 90% of the total loans and grants.

2 Calculated, based on information about 90% of the total recipients.

3 Based on information about 30% of the recipients - from vendors who recorded this information.

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